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Market analytics, visualization and execution tools for data-driven traders AWTS is available now with a generous free tier and Early Access subscription on a monthly/annual/lifetime basis with a whopping 75% discount permanent for the life of your subscription/purchase - sign in & buy now to get up and running immediately: Early Access AWTS is in Early Access. This means not all modules and not all functions are available yet. Some modules may be in beta/alpha stages of development and not yet suitable for production use. Purchase during the Early Access Period should be made on this basis and under the understanding that some advertised features may not be available yet and/or may not become available in the advertised form. The status of each module is described in the Modules documentation Professional/commercial use EAP discounts apply permanently for the life of the subscription - e.g. if you subscribe at $12/month that rate is locked in for as long as the subscription runs. If you cancel the subscription and re-subscribe, re-subscribing is at the prevailing price at the time of re-subscribing. Lifetime is a perpetual license to the tools included in the subscription tier you select, with updates & new features included for a minimum of one year following the end of the EAP programme for your purchased tier. E.g. if EAP ends July 2024, your support term would end no earlier than July 2025, irrespective of purchase date. Plus, with downloadable app images and offline licensing, lifetime really is for life! Customer input and feedback is an important part of our product development process. We welcome all feedback, and are open to customer-requested feature/improvement suggestions in line with your subscription & support tier. Prices shown exclude applicable taxes, which will be calculated and added during checkout. If you represent a registered business and wish to pay by invoice, please contact us.