AWTS is a modular suite of software tools for the analysis and trading of financial markets.

It is intended for data-driven traders, quant researchers and quant developers to facilitate faster, more efficient analysis and strategy development.

  • A modular, a la carte suite of components where you can run your whole operation using AWTS... ...or just pick the modules you need to reduce your own dev/support needs. One size does not fit all!

  • Robust market data streaming & historic data, with many vendor integrations. Reliable performant APIs with consistent API semantics across vendors. Synchronised streaming across multiple asset classes and instruments for fast & accurate analytics, backtesting and execution.

  • Syndicated news and calendar integrations with real-time and historic streaming

  • Customisable, API-driven networked dashboards for rapid visualization & prototyping of analytics - as well as visualizing strategy performance and sharing visuals with the room by 'casting' to other screens

  • Powerful trade performance analytics, not just for simple trades but continuous portfolios and accumulation algos

AWTS is a rich and powerful suite of tools to empower your market analytics & quant development processes. It is under continuous development, and available now through our Early Access Programme.