Precise language is important. Here are the terms used throughout AWTS documentation and services and what each term means.


A standalone AWTS deployment on your infrastructure, comprising any number of Modules.


An indicator is a quantitative measure, derived from price data, that is felt to be useful in making trading decisions.

Commonly used indicators include moving averages, MACD and RSI. There are many 'standard' indicators, however it is also possible to create any kind of indicator yourself to measure whatever is important for your strategies.

The essence is that if price is key, and if there is predictive value in analyzing price, then distilling characteristics of price movement over time should present a more visually distinct articulation of that prediction.


A single piece of software, as part of the AWTS suite. Each module provides one or more Services.


A class of functionality provided by a running Module. E.g. a market data module for interfacing with the broker IBKR should provide the 'Data' service.

Services are typically 1:1 to API definitions (e.g. a Data service means implementing the Data API). However some services (e.g. Book) necessitate implementing multiple APIs (e.g. book and booksimple).