Dash (visualization)

The AWTS dash service provides a rich, powerful and data-driven UI for visualizing market data, quant analytics outputs, fundamentals and a wide variety of other outputs.

The dash service provides a UI and visualization of your data. Use this as a regular charting/TA tool, to visualize strategy performance, as a trading dashboard, as a status wallboard and to replay backtests visually.

There are two implementations of the dash service; the Dash app which is a native desktop GUI app, and Webdash which is module running on a server in your AWTS environment. Which is best for you will depend on your own needs, the hardware available to you and your selected subscription.

Casting a chart

Charts are passive; in that they receive data from another process and display it, they don't actively process nor fetch data. This is so you can cast data from elsewhere in your environment to a chart, at will.

Use this in a running environment to dynamically choose to visualize whatever is interesting at the time - as well as to use multiple devices to maximise visibility; e.g. multiple monitors on a workstation, wallboard TVs, the conference room projector, all of the above.

Do this manually with the CLI tool, or automatically via the APIs - e.g. to automatically cast to the wallboard TV whenever a running strategy opens a position.

For the simplest example, running the CLI tool to chart live price data for an instrument:

> awts chart POLYGON:QQQ /screen1/page1/chart1 --resolution=M5

For live strategies under Runner, a cast target can be specified in the job spec or an existing job can be told to cast like this:

> awts runner cast MyStrategy001 /wallboard/page1/chart1