The Configurator is an online tool provided in your account at to simplify the process of designing/configuring an AWTS environment.

It is an interactive tool, which asks for information about your setup and produces fully set up configuration files (e.g. docker-compose.yml) that encapsulate all the necessary configuration for your environment to run.

Do not input live credentials nor API keys into the online Configurator tool; enter placeholder values and replace them yourself afterwards - or see the Secrets documentation for how to best manage confidential configuration data.


The tool supports multiple "Configurations", where each is a separate independent description of an AWTS environment. Use different configurations to test out new setups, explore configuration options - or for multiple servers if you run multiple AWTS environments, e.g. with Upstreaming.

The configuration process asks you for a number of inputs, including:

  • which AWTS modules you want to use
  • which data vendor(s) and/or broker(s) you use
  • network configuration preferences

Once set up, download the generated files it produces to your local server or workstation and follow the included instructions to get up and running. The precise steps depend on what configuration options you chose; so the instructions are dynamically generated to match.

Please also see the quickstart guides for some example scenarios with step-by-step walkthroughs of the setup process.

Typical outputs

The Configurator outputs include a docker-compose.yml file to download onto your server/workstation, which you can then use to start up your AWTS environment.


The Configurator can also be driven via the CLI. To do so, first generate an API key in your profile area, then use the AWTS CLI commands awts wapp to create/edit configurations and export configuration files.

❯ awts wapp
Interact with the hosted web app (

  cli wapp [command]

Available Commands:
  config      Get a configuration's info
  configs     List your configurations
  modules     List available modules
  outputs     Get a configuration's outputs
  setconfig   Update a configuration's module setup