All AWTS components emit log data to stdout in JSON form, suitable for industry standard log management tools to parse and process.

These logs contain system level outputs only, and may be useful in debugging, performance analysis, license management or testing your own integrations with AWTS.

These logs do not contain user-level activity logs (such as trade entries/exits) - those are accessible through the Runner service.

Example log output

{"time":"2024-02-29T11:02:20.390833572Z","level":"INFO","msg":"[webdash] "}
{"time":"2024-02-29T11:02:20.390886194Z","level":"DEBUG","msg":"[mux at localhost:35000:tlsi] "}
{"time":"2024-02-29T11:02:20.39117702Z","level":"DEBUG","msg":"[detected our own host IP address (for registering with mux) as] "}
{"time":"2024-02-29T11:02:20.391237916Z","level":"DEBUG","msg":"[muxStreamRegister() self= mux= localhost:35000] "}
{"time":"2024-02-29T11:02:20.391319831Z","level":"INFO","msg":"Loaded dash hostInfo","hostId":"377ec1eb-01f4-4538-b839-2232ed4f871a"}
{"time":"2024-02-29T11:02:20.391483037Z","level":"INFO","msg":"Loaded dash state","screens":1}
{"time":"2024-02-29T11:02:20.391511424Z","level":"DEBUG","msg":"[Generating self-signed keypair, as no key/cert files specified] "}
{"time":"2024-02-29T11:02:20.39196725Z","level":"INFO","msg":"[Listening on :35399 TLS= cert] "}
{"time":"2024-02-29T11:02:20.399097925Z","level":"INFO","msg":"[License received from mux] "}
{"time":"2024-02-29T11:02:20.399867364Z","level":"INFO","msg":"[License applied successfully] "}

Log level

Each log entry has a level field which will be INFO, WARN, ERROR or DEBUG.

Debug output is not emitted by default. Use the --verbosity command-line argument (e.g. --verbosity=debug), or the environment variable AW_VERBOSITY to set the minimum log output level.