Job spec

The Job Spec is a YAML definition of a job that Runner should exeecute.

This primarily consists of a configuration for the Execution engine, and then some optional sections on actions to take as the engine runs; e.g. to execute your strategies, check price alerts, cast data to a chart, etc.

A simple example

This basic example runs a strategy as a time-accelerated replay backtest against SPY and QQQ for the time period 12pm-2pm (UTC) on 6th Nov 2023. The data is visualized in realtime to a dashboard.

# Job name, for
name: Foo bar

# True if the job is transient -> will be auto-deleted an hour after it finishes
transient: true

  delay: 250
  start_at: 2023-11-06T12:00:00Z
  end_at: 2023-11-06T14:00:00Z

    - ref: SPY
      symbol: POLYGON:SPY
      resolution: 60
    - ref: QQQ
      symbol: POLYGON:QQQ
      resolution: 60
    - kind: sma
      ref: SMA50
        - key: length
          value: 50

  dsn: localhost:35500

  path: /wallboard/page1/chart1

Pushing to a job

The Runner docs

>awts runner push myjob specfile.yml