This module subscribes to RSS news feeds and streams their articles into AWTS as news articles. Any number of feeds can be subscribed to and polled/streamed continuously. Use this to integrate news vendors into your AWTS dashboarding system, and/or to source news content for analytics, backtesting and signal generation.

Name newsrss
Version 0.3.2 (releases)

Accessing news


If you run Dashboards in your environment, news articles can be shown - with real-time updates - on your dashboards with the News widget.


The CLI tool wraps API functionality and can be used to fetch, stream and filter available news. For example:

❯ awts --mux=localhost:36000 news --help
Administer/view news feeds

  cli news [command]

Available Commands:
  feeds       List available news feeds
  get         Retrieve news articles
  stream      Stream news articles


RSS feed URLs are specified in configuration variables in your AWTS environment configuration, as provided by the Configurator.

The parameter feeds should be set to a space-separated list of RSS feed URLs, like this:

    container_name: newsrss
    restart: unless-stopped
      - AW_MUX=mux:36000
      - AW_FEEDS=

Any invalid URLs can be spotted by inspecting the module's logs for error/warning notifications.

Changes to the configured feed URLs require that the newsrss module be restarted, by running docker-compose restart newsrss.

External configuration file

For subscribing to a large number of RSS feeds, the space-separated method above can become unwieldy. If you have lots of feeds, a more manageable solution is to externalise the configuration into a separate config.yml file.

To do this, first create the file config_newsrss.yml, with content like this - noting the feed_urls key and array syntax for defining URLs:


Then, amend the docker-compose.yml options to mount the configuration file into the docker container, and tell the newsrss module that it should use it:

    container_name: newsrss
    restart: unless-stopped
      - AW_MUX=mux:36000
      - AW_CONFIG=/config.yml
      - config_newsrss.yml:/config.yml

In the above example, the AW_CONFIG environment variable tells the module to load configuration data from the YAML file /config.yml.

Suggested feeds

The following RSS feeds may be a useful starting point for deciding which news streams to subscribe to: